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About Us

About our country, Spain

Our country is SPAIN. It is located in the southwestern part of Europe.

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Its mainland is bordered to the south and east by the Mediterranean Sea expect for a small land boundary with Gibraltar; to the north and northeast by France and Andorra, and to the west and northwest by Portugal and the Atlantic Ocean.
Along with France and Morocco, it is 1  of only 3 countries to have both Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines. Spain also includes the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea, The Canary Island in the Atlantic Ocean. 

Spain is openly multilingual. Spanish (español) is the official language of the entire country,
Catalan (català) in Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and in the Valencian Community.
As a percentage of the general population, Basque is spoken by 2%, Catalan by 17%, and Galician by 7% of all Spanish people. 
505,992 km2 (195,365 sq mi), Spain is the world's 52nd largest country and Europe’s 4th largest country.  
The capital of Spain is Madrid.

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Spain is a democracy organised in the form of a parliamentary government under a constitutional  monarchy.


Can you find Barcelona on our map?


These are our main flags:

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First, the blue and yellow is as you all know the European flag. The middle one is the flag from Spain and the flag with 4 red lines is the Catalan flag. It represents Catalonia, which is an autonomous community of Spain.

About our Town, Mollet del Vallès 

Our school is in Mollet del Vallès. It is 20 minutes far from Barcelona by car o train (17 Km).
Mollet is in the Vallès Oriental comarca in Catalonia, Spain. It has a population of 52000 inhabitants. 

Catalonia is in northeastern Spain.

images              Localitzacio_de_MolletdelValles.png

It is situated in the valley of the Besòs river, and is an important communications hub from Barcelona towards the north.
Mollet del Vallès has a number of buildings in the Modernista and Noucentista styles.
The studio-museum of the painter Abello displays modern Catalan art.
Shooting at the 1992 Summer Olympicswas carried out in Mollet del Vallès.

The Flag:

Mollet’s flag has two colors.It is red and white with a fish in it, like this picture:

The flag of Mollet has a fish on it because legends says that Mollet del Vallès used to be a lake and species of fish called Moll lived in the lake.

The flag of the city was invented on 14th June 1990. 

The Shield

escut de mollet.jpg
The shield of the city was approved on 30th September 1988.

Mollet del Vallès is located in Catalonia
Mollet del Vallès
Mollet del Vallès
Location in Catalonia
Coordinates: 41°33′N 2°13′E

Community  Catalonia
Province Barcelona
Comarca Vallès Oriental
 • Mayor Josep Monràs Galindo (PSC-PSOE)
 • Total 10.72 km2 (4.14 sq mi)
Elevation 65 m (213 ft)
Population (2012)
 • Total 52,484
 • Density 4,900/km2 (13,000/sq mi)
Demonym Molletà

    This is the city hall of Mollet, very near our school.

Inside the city hall you can see the Gigants of the town. Do you remember the present we gave you in Belgium?

History of our town

10th Century

In the middle of the 10th century, Mollet was a little center of population that depended on the bishop of Barcelona.

12th Century

Of the medieval past of Mollet, there is only remaining the romanic church of Santa Maria de Gallecs

From 15th to 18th century

Mollet ( witch by the moment, included also parets ) didn't raise the population until the 17th century, then, a new church was built, but as ruling a town with 3 churches was hard, there were constant conflicts, which concluded with the separation of Parets.

This is the biggest Catholic church in Mollet. It is called Sant Vicenç.

Mollet del Vallès has a number of buildings in the modernista and noucentista styles. The studio-museum of the painter Abelló displays modern Catalan art.


Shooting at the 1992 Summer Olympics of Barcelona was carried out in Mollet del Vallès.

Twin towns of Mollet

  • Italy Rivoli, Italy
  • Nicaragua Cinco Pinos, Nicaragua 

As you can see, our city has lots of interesting things to discover. You are more than welcome to come and visit us!

OUR SCHOOL: "Escola Sant Jordi"

Our school’s name is Sant Jordi.
Sant Jordi is a big school with around 4 hundred students. It has twelve primary classes (from first to sixth grade) and also kindergarden education. In Spain most of the kids start nursery education when they are three years old. Each class has about twenty five kids of the same age. 
In our playgrounds we have basketball and football courts and even solar panels.

In Sant Jordi School students start learning English when they are three years old, there are no religion lessons.
The school's timetable is from 9am to 12:30 and back to lessons from 15pm to 16:30h. Most of the students eat at school but some of them go home with their families and eat together.

The name of our school comes from the Legend of Sant Jordi. He was a Knight called Jordi that saved a princess that was going to be eaten by a horrible dragon.
After killing the dragon, from its blood appeared a beautiful red rose and Sant Jordi gave her the rose. They inmediatelly fell in love. 

From that day Sant Jordi’s day is celebrated as the patron day of Catalans. It is on the 23rd of April. Boys/knights give roses to girls/princess and they give them in exchange books. 

School holidays in Spain:
Our biggest holidays are in summer. The students finish classes mid-june and they don't come back to school until mid-september.
Students also have during christmas time and about ten days in Easter. 

This is our video's presentation, we hope you like it!!

Keep in touch!

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